The Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame celebrates the contributions of Arkansans who have reached for a microphone, as well as others who had a part in entertaining us.

The Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame

Showcasing the Entertainment Careers of Arkansas’ Sons and Daughters


Few people realize how many Arkansans have played major roles in shaping the American entertainment scene! The Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame celebrates the work of our show business luminaries with ephemera that traces the careers of a veritable constellation of talented Arkansas stars in music, theater, film, television and literature.

Collections include everything from the works of best-selling author

John Grisham to musical instruments owned by the likes of Levon Helm, Jimmy Driftwood and Art Porter, Jr. You’ll be dazzled by the costumes of famous Arkansans such as Jim Ed Brown, Charlie Rich, Collin Raye, Tracy Lawrence and others. Movie and TV fans will be fascinated by memorabilia from Jerry Van Dyke’s work in “Coach,” Harry Thomason’s “Designing Women,” and “Slingblade” starring Oscar-winner Billy Bob Thornton.

The hall is open Monday through Friday, 9:00AM until 5:00PM (except holidays). Weekend hours are seasonal. Call 870.534.2121 for seasonal hours and more information.